I am currently working on a multimedia series titled, Ballad of the Red Fox. My new work is the outcome of research and production leading to 3 exhibitions. Ballad of the Red Fox opens September 16, 2021, at Form + Content Gallery, Minneapolis, MN., and a solo exhibition at the Hillstrom Museum, St Peter, Minnesota, November 2021-February 2022 and at Winona State University, Winona, MN. in fall, 2022.

More than ever, it's a sense of connection with the natural world we crave. Stories emerge when we coexist alongside all the creatures in the landscape. In challenging moments, these shared and interactive experiences bring us home to what Carl Jung referred to as the "animal body". As I patiently work in the landscape over an extended period of time observing an array of vivid sensory details each moment brings integration of intellect and instinctual animal modalities. When reconnected with nature we can experience our childlike imagination while exploring, and a powerful wholeness innate, moving though all things.